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Can I Base a Halacha Curriculum on Torah Live?

Can I Base a Halacha Curriculum on Torah Live?

by Hadassah Levy on Aug 23, 2016

You’ve seen Torah Live’s videos. You’ve read our Educators’ Page. You’ve even had a sneak peek into the workbooks and quizzes. But now you want to know, can you base a halacha curriculum on Torah Live?

The simple answer to that question is YES! And we’ll show you how in our Around the Year Brochure, which includes a month-by-month curriculum. You can download it here:

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Torah Live encompasses so many halachic topics that you can teach throughout the year. Our multimedia presentations touch on the chagim, middos and other core topics. We’ve even divided the topics by Hebrew months, so you can see how each topic fits into the school year.

Around the Year

Around the Year

And because we offer so much supplementary material for each presentation, you’ll be able to go as deep as you like into each topic. Older and more serious students can delve into the depths of the issues, while younger or less learned students can benefit from a top of the wave overview.

To make the curriculum super exciting, we have added suggestions for school trips, chesed programs, parent evenings and bar/bat mitzvah enrichment.

To find out more about using Torah Live in the classroom and to sign up for a free demo, contact

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