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Growing Up in Torah Live

Growing Up in Torah Live

by Sharon Katz on Jun 22, 2020

Akiva Choritz has grown up in Torah Live. 

Only ten years old when he first boarded a Torah Live bus with two dozen friends and director Ben Katz, he traveled up to the Sea of Kinneret for an incredible adventure to make the mitzvah of Netilas Yadayim come alive.

Netilas Yadayim

He joked and laughed on cue, as the bus rode up the highway along the Jordan River. Then the fourth grader frolicked in the waves along with the rest of the gang, as they prepared to shoot a scene about washing one's hands on a trip.

At age 12,  Akiva played a basketball team captain in our Power of Words film. His words, as the snobby and cool captain, were indeed damaging to his teammate.

A few months ago, Akiva and other eighth graders filled a Torah Live classroom for clips that will tell viewers about our soon-to-be upgraded and expanded Torah Live website.

Growing Up with Torah Live

When the 14-year-old walked through the door at Torah Live's most recent shoot to promote the exciting new Torah Live phone app, he was already a seasoned actor. Director Ben Katz chuckled at the confidence of the ninth grader. "Akiva is so much fun to work with and he's becoming a real pro."

[video file="" HD="true" image="/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/growing-up-torah-live.jpg" autostart="false"]

Watching Akiva grow on screen has been so much fun, but watching him grow into a charming and self-assured young man with terrific middos is even better.


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