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The Newest Jewish Games Online

The Newest Jewish Games Online

by Hadassah Levy on Nov 06, 2022

Here at Torah Live, we believe that Jewish games aren’t just fun, they’re also educational. Since launching our new website, almost every course we produce includes a game. This is another way to internalize and reinforce the messages of the videos. We offer three games (Charity Target Practice, Take out the Trash and Growth Express) for all users. Most of our games are part of our premium package, which includes the various elements that make for an enriched learning experience.

Some of our newer games include:

One Shot!

This game reinforces the habit of Standing for the Elderly by putting you in situations where you need to stand up right away or miss your opportunity.

The Neural Network

Learn to appreciate the way the various body parts send messages to the brain and keep our bodies functioning properly. This game drives home the importance of every part of our body working properly and the need to thank Hashem for it, as we do when we say the bracha of Asher Yatzar.

Protect the Payos!

In this game, you need to remember what you learned in the videos about the halachos of Haircuts, so you know which instruments can’t touch the payos and which ones can. You also have to be quick enough to catch them and collect reenergizing halacha books while you’re at it. 

Friendship Snack Machine

The Friendship course teaches you how to choose the right friends and how to be a good friend yourself. Then our game challenges you to help your friend get a snack from the snack machine without getting stuck. It’s not as easy it looks!

We’re working on more Jewish games to play online, both for existing courses that don’t have games yet and for new courses that haven’t even come out yet. We welcome feedback on our current games as well as suggestions for games you would like to see on the Torah Live website. You can use the Feedback tab on the right hand side of the website in order to give us your opinion.

Happy learning and growing!


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