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The Tzitzis Trail(er)

The Tzitzis Trail(er)

by Hadassah Levy on Dec 06, 2016

Plunge into the depths of the sea, charge through the desert and climb on hilltops - to discover the beauty of tzitzis and learn the laws. Join us on an adventurous trail to discover what this mitzvah is all about. Watch the trailer here:

This course is especially recommended for pre-bar mitzvah boys, men who want a refresher and parents who shop for tzitzis. It features stunning 3-D graphics and includes videos on:

  • Techeiles
  • How Tzitzis are Made
  • How to Thread Tzitzis
  • Size and Dimension
  • Snapped Strings

Click here to watch the full series. Sponsored in memory of Moshe ben Avraham z”l (Max Kettner).

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