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How Torah Live Forever Changed the Life of One Man

How Torah Live Forever Changed the Life of One Man

by Dan Roth on Aug 09, 2018

I wanted to share with you a heartwarming email just in from Mordechai Slovin...

Rabbi Roth,

You don’t know me, but we met briefly 10 years ago in Atlanta when you made a presentation about giving maaser [giving 10% to charity].

I was at the beginning of my career at the time, but as a result of your presentation I accepted, bli neder, to start giving maaser.

Well, it’s been 10 years, and you have a cheilek in the tzedakah that I have been zocheh to give since then.

May Hashem continue to give you hatzlacha in spreading Torah.

Mordechai Slovin


My thanks to Mordechai for reaching out and letting me know how Torah Live has changed his life. Our goal at Torah Live is to spread the love of Torah and commitment to mitzvos. So it’s especially gratifying to hear from people how it has impacted and changed their lives.

If you haven't already watched it, our Charity series explores how we can change ourselves and the world around us through a dedication to giving tzedakah. 

This time of year, with many people finalizing their maaser accounts before Rosh Hashanah, is a great time to watch or review this series.

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