How to Give Tzedakah (Charity) and Maaser (Tithe)
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Ever wondered how you could change the world? This video reveals how giving charity is the ultimate way to change both ourselves and the world around us.

Through interviews with successful business-people, an in-depth look at ancient sources, and practical discussions of the laws, Rabbi Dan Roth inspires us to reach higher and give more.

What should my priorities be? Why did God create a world with unequal distribution? How do I factor in taxes and inflation? Can I use charity money to pay children's school fees? In an exclusive video interview, world renowned halachic authority, Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits offers relevant answers to these and many more common charity questions.

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Leonard Goff

I would like to know where is the obligation to give one-tenth to one-fifth of one’s money to charity dealt with in the Talmud?
And if it is not dealt with in the Talmud, why not?
Is it a mitsva, a halakha, or just a custom/tradition to tithe one’s money?

Dan Roth
Dan Roth

Hi Leonard. The idea of giving ma’aser is mentioned in the Talmud in Tractate Taanis 9a. The issue of the weight of the obligation (i.e. Torah obligation vs. Rabbinic obligation vs. custom) is dealt with at length by the halachic authorities and is covered briefly in one of our Charity FAQ videos:

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