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Keeping kosher is a mitzvah that defines the Jewish people and separates us from the other nations. It affects how we shop, how we cook and where we can eat out. 

Signs of Kosher Animals

Join Rabbi Dr. Ari Greenspan and Rabbi Dan Roth in their fascinating adventures visiting fish farms, making the rounds of the Jerusalem Zoo and jumping into lakes to learn about the signs of kosher animals.

Rabbi Dr. Greenspan explains that there are two types of animals in this world, those that are easily domesticated and those that are wild. The Torah gives us the signs of kosher animals, and those that are domesticated and eat grass have these signs. The animals which attack other animals in order to eat are not kosher. He also explains how to identify kosher birds, fish and locusts.

Kashrus: Defining Kosher Food

Kosher food isn’t just about whether the animal itself is kosher. Kashrus is also about what we do with the ingredients - how we cook them and what we mix together. We delve into the prohibition of combining milk and meat in an animated presentation delivered by Torah Live's first animated character - Dr. Krumblycorn (narrated by Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky) and his sidekick Kookie.

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