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Make Torah come alive for your family! Watch the trailer and sign up for your free trial. Torah Live's new educational platform combines the latest gamification theory with the ancient wisdom of the Torah.

Torah Live 2.0’s Best Use Cases

Congratulations, you’ve just made one of your best decisions as a teacher or parent of Jewish children. To understand why this is so clearly true, let’s unpack some of the best use cases for our platform.
by Yaacov Deyo on Mar 31, 2022

Who Do You Know?

After two years of not traveling, it is time to reach for the skies again.... Watch this video to learn why!
by Dan Roth on Feb 10, 2022

TORAH LIVE – The Next Generation

Over the past decade at Torah Live, we have made dozens of movies on all kinds of topics. Often we have used children – boys, girls, teens, all ages.
by Sharon Katz on Jan 25, 2022
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Animation Secrets from Ronen

Our animator Ronen shares how he creates motion and speech for Rabbi Siddur and other cartoon personalities.
by Hadassah Levy on Dec 15, 2021

From the Mailbag

I love your videos: I watch them when I need chizuk, I watch them when I am happy, and I watch them when I am sad.
by Hadassah Levy on Nov 29, 2021