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How to Teach and Inspire Distracted Kids

How to Teach and Inspire Distracted Kids

by Hadassah Levy on May 25, 2017

Those last few weeks of school can be challenging! Students are already daydreaming about baseball, campfires and water sports, and it’s hard to keep their attention focused on learning Torah. That’s where Torah Live’s interactive learning comes in!

Whether your classroom has a smartboard or projector, when you tell them you’ll be showing them a Torah Live video,their eyes will shine.

No more distracted kids!

We recommend you start with a topic you haven’t covered during the year, like Shmiras Halashon, Tzitzis or Sefer Torah.

Mystery of Techeiles

Our presentations are separated into short videos, so you can lead a discussion after each one. Use the lesson plans to expand on each topic and the worksheets to review the material and make sure it really sinks in.

You can get creative by adding on a trip (to a local sofer or tzitzis factory), an art project (a comic about shmiras halashon or a sign that asks people to guard their tongues) or a game show (featuring halachos from the videos).

With interactive learning in the classroom, you chase boredom away, generate excitement that lasts throughout the summer and encourage students to look forward to next year!

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