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Coming Together to Keep Shabbos

Coming Together to Keep Shabbos

by Dan Roth on Oct 19, 2015

This shabbos, Jews all over the world are coming together to keep shabbos. What a great opportunity to brush up on the laws of this special day! To mark the event, Torah Live is rolling out a 50-video course on how to keep shabbos properly. The videos will cover all the 39 melachos PLUS the laws of medicine on shabbos, muktzeh, kiddush, havdalah and more.

You can watch the first video in the series, “Learning the Lingo,” below:

[video file="" image="/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/shabbos.jpg" autostart="false"]

Over the next year, Torah Live will be rolling out a new video each month, so stay tuned. For more videos in the series, visit the Shabbos course page here.

Good shabbos from the staff of Torah Live!

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