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Your 2015 Torah Live Favorites

Your 2015 Torah Live Favorites

by Hadassah Levy on Dec 22, 2015

2015 has just flown by! So much has happened at Torah Live that we can’t fit it all into one post. Instead, here is a review of our most read blog posts and most popular video courses...

Top 3 Torah Live Blog Posts of 2015

El Al Best of 2015El-Al Flies with Torah Live In 2015, Torah Live became part of the entertainment package on El-Al flights. This was an exciting piece of news for us and you all clearly thought so too. As the year draws to a close, we are thrilled to report that over 20,000 people have watched our videos on their transatlantic flights.



A New Torah Live Video Is Born

A New Torah Live Video Is Born One of the exciting things we did this year was produce a full-length video starring a Bar Mitzvah boy who gained an appreciation and love of Torah through being a part of the process of the writing of a Sefer Torah. In case you’re wondering, your Bar/Bat Mitzvah child can star in a movie too. Visit our new “Year to Remember” page to find out how.


Torah Live Goes to Hollywood

Torah Live Goes to Hollywood Rabbi Roth’s trip to Los Angeles was a rousing success. Rather than writing up the highlights, we created a video about it in the spirit of Torah Live so you can see it for yourself.




Top 4 Torah Live Courses of 2015

RibbisRibbis: The Ultimate Payment So many of us assume that ribbis is relevant only to businessmen, but in fact the halachos of ribbis are part of daily life in ways most of us have never realized. Thank you Michael & Judy Kaiser (Toronto), Gerald & Joan Kaplan (Johannesburg), David & Karine Morris (London), and Jake & Devorah Greenberg (London) for your generous support which made this video series possible.

AngerAnger: The Ultimate Challenge We all struggle with anger on some level, so this course resonated strongly with the Torah Live community. We intertwined scientific research with Torah wisdom to show how destructive anger can be and how we can be combated.



SmilingSmiling: The Ultimate Joy Filmed in the beautiful Ein Gedi and its surrounding areas, this series focuses on interactions with others and appreciating the blessings in your life. Of course, we all want to do more smiling.We think that’s why this course spoke to so many of you.



Shabbos videoShabbos: The Ultimate Day of Rest This year, we produced new videos which go to the heart of Shabbos observance. In total, there will be 50 videos in the series going through all the melachos and explaining key concepts like avos and tolados. The plan is to clearly portray everything you need to understand the laws of Shabbos.

Ken & Cassie Alter (LA), Joshua & Rachel Klaven (LA), Dov & Nancy Friedberg (Toronto), and Philip & Suzy Goldberg (London) have all generously sponsored chapters so far. To sponsor your chapter and be included in this historic project, write to

Our Plans for 2016

We’re kicking off 2016 with a trip to various cities throughout the state of Florida (Feb 7-16) to show rabbis and educators how they can use Torah Live to enhance the lives of their students and congregants.

We have also started producing a new series about the laws of loshon hora, sponsored by Elan & Victoria Shasha from London, and another series about the mitzvah of tzitzis.

Stay tuned for another great year!

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