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Anger: The Ultimate Challenge exposes anger for what it is a deadly trait that causes heart disease ruins relationships and destroys us spiritually.

Intertwining modern scientific research with ancient Jewish wisdom, this video gives you the tools to overcome your anger and become a calmer better person.

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Rivka Lerner
Rivka Lerner
8 years ago

Im watching the David and Ahaliav video (amazingly done, btw), and you say that Ahaliav lost the whole kingship because he got angry…but wasn’t David already anointed at that point? Am I mixing
up the order of events…?

Dan Roth
8 years ago
Reply to  Rivka Lerner

Excellent question!! You sure know your navi. 🙂 Rashi to Pesachim 66b points this out and comments that even though the incident with Eliav happened AFTER Dovid was chosen, since we find no other fault in Eliav’s character it must have been this incident that caused him to lose the Kingship and it was revealed to God before it happened. Interesting idea, no?

6 years ago
Reply to  Dan Roth

How is bechirah explained if we go like Rashi’s explanation?

Thank You Rabbi Dan for your amazing work!

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