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A Week of Holiness

A Week of Holiness

by Hadassah Levy on May 07, 2024

This week, we read Parshas Kedoshim.

Here's a list of Torah Live series relating to commandments mentioned in the parsha:


Because it's our mission to spread holiness around the world, we were especially proud to get this message a few days ago:

"I'm a frum mother in my thirties and I am absolutely blown away by your 'Rabbi Siddur" series. They are jam-packed with mind-blowing hashkafa and toichen, all explained in such a clear format. I LOVE watching them and gain tremendous chizuk and clarity from them. I am so happy for my kids to be watching videos with such beautiful, rich material. Keep up the amazing work!!"

— Breindy Spigelman, Melbourne, Australia

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