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Live to Give

Simcha, Yair and Baruch lead a charmed life in which “cool things happen to cool people” and image is everything. But when they compete against each other in an app-creation contest, they suddenly realize that there’s more to life - and form a “Live to Give” revolution.

Encouraging Ahavas Chesed

The three boys start thinking about the questions that really matter: What does it really mean to be a hero? How can we encourage ahavas chesed and get people excited about giving? Is it possible to live life for the greater whole? How can you achieve a full life of kedusha?

Follow Simcha, Yair and Baruch on their adventures to create a chesed revolution among their friends and beyond. 

Live to Give is Torah Live’s most ambitious project yet. The characters transform themselves and inspire others and you’ll be inspired too. In fact, you’ll soon find yourself creating your own chesed revolution!

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