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Taking London by Storm

Taking London by Storm

by Dan Roth on Nov 18, 2015

Just got back from London where I had the good fortune to meet many wonderful people. While every moment and every person was a highlight, below are some super highlights...

On Monday, I enjoyed a drive through the beautiful green English countryside to meet Stuart and Stephanie Ronson, long-time supporters of Torah Live, who dedicated the Shabbos presentation a couple of years ago in memory of their parents, Betty and Maurice Birnbaum and Esta and Jack Ronson. Thank you Stuart and Stephanie!

On Tuesday, I met Philip and Suzy Goldberg who sponsored one of Torah Live’s upcoming FIFTY Videos on the Laws of Shabbos in memory of Suzy’s late father - Kalman ben Moshe (Mr. Karl Weissbraun). Thank you Philip and Suzy! Your video will help thousands of people around the world learn how to instill even more holiness into the holiest day of the week.

I also dropped off some new USB sticks with our tefilin, sefer Torah, anger, and mezuzah videos to Torah Treasures on Golders Green Road. So to all our London readers: You can now pick up your copy locally!

On Wednesday, I spoke to the entire Jewish Studies staff at Hasmonean High School (both girls and boys divisions). About twenty five teachers attended. Rabbi Jeremy Golker, head of Jewish Studies, commented, “Your presentation to staff was excellent: focused, fast-paced, witty and informative. Questions were fielded superbly and feedback has been great; our kodesh teachers are now even more excited and equipped to use Torah Live material.” It was a special feeling to see many old friends in the crowd and to be able to teach in the school where I once learned!

I spent a memorable evening with Elan Shasha who is sponsoring our upcoming video on the laws of loshon hora. (More details on that coming soon!) Reb Elan introduced me to a young Torah Live fan, Yaeli Shasha, who told me how she enjoyed our Smiling and Kosher videos. By the way, if you have pictures of you or your family enjoying Torah Live videos, please send them our way and we will happily post them in next week’s blast. (We will also issue you a free Torah Live DVD for your efforts!)

I also had the pleasure of a late night cup of Sodastream’s new apple and cucumber flavor with my good friend, David Morris. (Always tastes even better when prepared by Sodastream’s director himself!) David attended one of the first presentations some six years ago before the name “Torah Live” was even dreamed of and has watched and helped Torah Live grow from the very beginning. Thank you David! I couldn't have done it without you!

Mr. Benjamin Eliezer Perl, an educational philanthropist and tireless advocate for Jewish schools whom I am fortunate to be able to call “my cousin”, shared his experiences of how he built over 20 schools in London. Mr. Perl: I can only hope and pray that I merit accomplishing in the world of education what you have!

I witnessed the chessed of London’s Jews, including the owner of a kosher supermarket chain who serves free lunch - every day - to tzedakah collectors who come to the community. Mi k’amcha Yisrael! Who is like the Jewish people!

This coming motzaei Shabbos, I leave for Los Angeles to meet more schools and donors. If you know anyone there who’d like to meet me and hear more about Torah Live, drop me a line!

Best and warmest,

Rabbi Dan Roth Founder, Torah Live

PS: It amazes me how each person has a different Torah Live video they love most. Would you share with me what your favorite is - and why. I look forward to your feedback.

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