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Crash Course in Hilchos Yom Tov

Join Rabbi Dan Roth in his kitchen for a crash course on hilchos Yom Tov (the laws of Jewish holidays). He answers frequently asked questions about the halachos, so that everyone who is involved in meal preparation can keep chag the right way.

The Laws of Yom Tov vs. Shabbos

Some of the topics covered in this crash course include:

  • Are the laws of Yom Tov the same as the melachos of Shabbos

  • What can or can't you do on Chag? 

  • Can you cook, peel, squeeze liquid and light a fire? 

  • Can you prepare from the first day to the second day?

  • How can you make Yom Tov kiddush special and different from Shabbos kiddush?


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