The educational platform your kids will love.

Ignite passion for Torah & Mitzvos.

Watch Torah come to Life.

State-of-the-art video, 3d animation and special effects, transmit a passion for being Jewish and performing mitzvot.

Torah Live is Gamified learning that engages and excites.

Built with the help of world renowned experts in motivational psychology and education.

Films, games, points, and real world challenges.

Torah Live is an adventure in education, using every imaginable way to instill children with a love of Torah.

For the home and classroom alike.

All the features and materials are suited to both parents and teachers, and are available to both for the same monthly plan and fee.

Meticulously Researched

Hundreds of hours of research, Rabbinic consultation and source checking are poured into each Torah Live course.

Optimally designed for 9-12 year old’s.

Our content was specifically developed to speak in the language of middle school and high school boys and girls, and to focus on the issues relevant in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions
Join thousands of parents and educators inspiring a new generation.
Conner Brown
Conner Brown
Louisiana, 3 hours from any orthodox community
“I love learning Torah but I'm not able to devote a lot of time to it because I am in medical school. This is a perfect way for me to learn at my own pace.”
Kira Bacal
Kira Bacal
New Zealand
“Although my children attend the (only) Jewish day school, it always seems like it's never quite enough and being able to watch these together and discuss crucial Jewish teachings is incredibly valuable. Thank you again!”
Ahuva Shore
Ahuva Shore
Jerusalem, commenting on the Shmiras Halashon series.
“The film was amazing, well done and brought to life Lashon Hara and Positivity in such a tangible matter that I know it's impact will last my lifetime iy"h.”