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Charity Target Practice! Game Charity Charity Target Practice!
Toss the coins into the tzedakah box!
Take Out the Trash Game Honoring Parents Take Out the Trash
Skateboard to the garbage without hitting any obstacles!
Growth Express! Game Why Do Bad Things Happen? Growth Express!
Collect mitzvos without falling into the water!
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Anger Volcano Game Anger
Anger Volcano
Collect 30 stars to win!
Anger Drop Game Anger
Anger Drop
Avoid situations or change the way you think about them!
The Neural Network! Game Asher Yatzar
The Neural Network!
Hashem created the human being and every aspect of the human body is a miracle. In this game, you need to connect the neural messages from the brain to the rest of the body. Good luck!
Bracha Bopper Game Brachos
Bracha Bopper
How quickly will you get 100 brachos? Bop the food that matches the bracha.
Charity Challenger Game Charity
Charity Challenger
The time is clicking down, the wheel is spinning, and the coins are waiting to be released. You've only got a few chances to time the door release right in order to get as many coins you can into the pushka. If you miss, the coins will be lost. Do your best!
Stay Focused! Game Emunah & Tefillah
Stay Focused!
Stay focused and don't get distracted during davening!
Friendship snack machine Game Friendship
Friendship snack machine
Help your friend get the snack from the snack machine! You need to get the coin to unlock the snack, don't get stuck!
Cover the Genizah! Game Genizah
Cover the Genizah!
You have a holy mission to cover the Genizah before the dirt runs out!
The Light of Gratitude Game Gratitude
The Light of Gratitude
In this game, you need to shine the light of gratitude and turn all of those frowns into smiles!
Protect the Payos! Game Haircuts
Protect the Payos!
In this game you need to protect the payos so it's only being trimmed according to the Torah!
What's the Order? Game Judging Others Favorably
What's the Order?
How did this story happen? How can you judge favorably?
Don't Meat Game Kosher
Don't Meat
Don’t let the pizza and the chicken meet up!
The Torah Champion! Game Learning Torah Matters
The Torah Champion!
The enemies of Torah study are on the move. We need your help to defeat them! Work your way up the ladders, get boosters, and avoid the obstacles so that we can all study in peace.
Fill the Cup! Game Netilas Yadayim
Fill the Cup!
We need a minimum amount to have in our washing cup, but the plumbing pipes are not aligned -- and there is water spilling everywhere. Help line up the pipes so that all the water flows into the cup so that we'll have enough to wash. It's up to you!
The Patient Cross Bot Game Patience
The Patient Cross Bot
You need to bring the video evidence to the judge however you need to be very patient in crossing the busy street!
Reveal the Picture! Game Prophecies Revealed
Reveal the Picture!
Reveal the picture and see what prophecy has been fulfilled!
Spot the Difference! Game Ribbis
Spot the Difference!
Back in Time Mission! Game Sefer Torah
Back in Time Mission!
Throughout Jewish history, the Jewish people have safeguarded the Sefer Torah. Many times in our long history, Sifrei Torah have been stolen. In this game, your mission is to rescue stolen Sifrei Torah from different time periods in Jewish history.
Shatnez Checker Game Shatnez
Shatnez Checker
How many items of clothing can you label as kosher or shatnez?
Smile Match Game Smiling
Smile Match
Race against the clock in this quick memory game!
Virtual Sofer Game Tefillin
Virtual Sofer
Spot the mistakes so these mezuzahs can be fixed!
Find 39! Game The Melachos of Shabbos
Find 39!
Find the 39 melachos!
Tefillas Haderech Train Game Travelling
Tefillas Haderech Train
As you drive through the Land of Israel, make sure to drive safely and remember to say Tefillas Haderech!
Protect the Tzitzis! Game Tzitzis
Protect the Tzitzis!
The string of the tzitzis is trapped in the car door, draw a path for the bike to follow the car and protect the tzitzis!
Dunk or Punch Game Utensils
Dunk or Punch
Dunk only the items that need tevilas keilim!